Mills County seeks to provide individualized supports that ensure choice, empowerment and community integration for persons with mental illness, mental retardation or other developmental disabilities.

The Mills County CPC Department is the access point for obtaining MH/ID/DD services. The CPC process includes determining eligibility, assisting with referrals to service providers, including referrals for Targeted Case Management, approving funding, monitoring services, tracking all service costs and establishing a quality assurance program.

To be eligible for county funded services, an individual must:

  • Have a documented diagnosis of mental illness, chronic mental illness, mental retardation or developmental disability
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Meet residency requirements
  • Meet income and resource guidelines

Click Here for the downloadable CPC application

Persons wishing more information regarding applying for MH/ID/DD services are asked to contact the CPC Administrator at (712) 623-6541.