Iowa Driver's License - Real ID Is Coming

You will need to have the gold star in the upper right hand corner of your Driver's License by October of 2020 in order to fly within the United States (unless you have a valid passport or military ID), go into a federal building that requires an ID, or a nuclear power plant. Please visit this link to learn more about Real ID and to find the documents you need to become compliant.

Free Water Testing Available

Have you had your private well water tested? Call to set up an appointment to have us collect a sample and have it tested today.

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Post Election Audit Completed

Mills County conducted its first post-election audit on November 13, 2018 under a new law designed to monitor and protect election processes. The audit was a perfect match to the result recorded on election night.

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Seeking Precinct Election Officials

The Mills County Auditor's Office is in search of individuals willing to serve as precinct election officials. On Election Day, precinct election officials are representatives of the County Auditor's Office and should be professional, fair, impartial, and equitable to all voters.

In order to serve as a PEO, you must be registered to vote in Iowa and provide your own transportation to and from the polling place on Election Day.

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