The County ordinances represent guidelines for the government of Mills County. These ordinances may define procedures and regulations regarding specific aspects of county government. The documents made available on this page are subject to change, and although every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy, they may not represent current county code. For questions regarding these codes please contact the Board of Supervisors by phone at 712-527-3146.

Chapter Ordinance
Chapter 1 Urban Renewal Area Taxation
Chapter 2 Local Option Sales Tax
Chapter 3 Uniform Rural Address System
Chapter 4 Entrance and Driveway
Chapter 5 Violations and Penalties
Chapter 6 Dumping and Burning
Chapter 7 Snow and Ice Removal
Chapter 8 Reduced Maintenance Roads
Chapter 9 Planned Open Burning Notification
Chapter 10 Assessment of Wind Energy Conversion Property
Chapter 11 Hazmat Recovery Ordinance
Chapter 12 Construction & Reconstruction of Roadways & Bridges
Chapter 13 Registration & Operation of All-Terrain & Off-Road Utility Vehicles
Chapter 14 Reserved
Chapter 15 Construction and Abandonment of Private Water Wells
Chapter 16 Installation of On-Site Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems
Chapter 17 Public Water Supply Service Hook-Up
Chapter 18 Sexually Oriented Businesses
Chapter 19 Mills County Board of Health Regulations
Chapter 20 Repealed
Chapter 21 - 23 Reserved
Chapter 24 Building & Property Maintenance
Chapter 25 Subdivision Regulations
Chapter 26 Flood Plain Regulations
Chapter 27 Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 28 Reserved
Chapter 29 Precinct Boundaries and Populations