In Iowa the County Recorder's office was created in 1839 by the First Legislative Assembly to record, manage and maintain real estate documents and other miscellaneous documents. Since its creation, the County Recorder's office has acquired numerous additional responsibilities. In addition to recording, managing and maintaining documents, the Recorder's office issues marriage licenses; files birth, death and marriage certificates; and issues certified copies of Vital Records. The Recorder's office issues fishing and hunting licenses through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) electronic licensing system (ELSI). Under the guidelines of the Iowa DNR, the office also registers and titles boat, snowmobile, ATVs and ORVs.

Duties of the Recorder:

  • Records at length all instruments of record which may be filed for record consisting principally of deeds, military records, mortgages, plats, assignments, releases, affidavits, and vital records
  • Reports monthly to Board of Supervisors all fees collected, paying same to County Treasurer.
  • Sales of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses, trout stamps, duck stamps, and habitat stamps, boat, ATV and snowmobile registrations. Additional information can be found on the Iowa DNR website.
  • Issues all real estate transfer stamps

The Mills County Recorder is not a passport acceptance agency.