The Mills County Emergency Notification System is part of the statewide notification system “Alert Iowa.” Currently 88 of Iowa’s 99 counties utilize this statewide emergency notification system.

Alert Iowa is a notification system that provides local control of how and when to disseminate emergency and public safety messages to residents. Residents will be able to choose the types of automated alerts they receive, such as severe weather. Local officials can also distribute real-time critical warning and information regarding imminent threats and emergencies that affect your neighborhood (law enforcement emergencies, missing persons, hazardous materials incidents, etc.).

Alerts are distributed via landline telephone, wireless phone, text messaging, email, FAX, TTY/TDD, and social media. Photo, video, audio and links may be included in the alerts to help recipients better understand the situation or where to go to get additional information.

In addition, Emergency Management has been authorized access to interface the new system with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to send imminent emergency and public safety messages through the Federal Emergency Alert System, NOAA Weather Radio and the Wireless information is delivered to as many residents as possible when an emergency is happening and requires the public to take immediate preparedness or protective actions.

Residents can sign-up for multiple phone numbers and addresses to receive emergency alerts for themselves or for loved ones in another community with the county. You may also sign up for alerts that may impact your place of business by registering separately for that address as well.

A critical feature with the system is the ability for citizens with special needs to provide that information during registration which will allow emergency responders and planners to effectively meet the needs of those with special needs impacted by disaster.