Besides the main Veterans Hospital at 4101 Woolworth Ave in Omaha, NE Mills County Veterans can elect to go to either Shenandoah, IA or Bellevue, NE Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC). You can also receive all of your care at the Omaha VA Hospital; whichever is easiest for you to drive to. You may call 1-712-246-0092 to go to the Shenandoah Clinic, 1-402-591-4500 for the Bellevue Clinic or 1-800-451-5796 to go to the Omaha VA Hospital.

The difference is the CBOC is for outpatient care but they refer you to the Omaha VA Hospital for more extensive tests or inpatient care. If you are enrolling in the VA Healthcare system for the first time you will need to submit an application along with a military discharge and insurance information. If you would like to submit an application it is available at the Mills County Veterans Affairs Office. Please call 712-527-5621 for assistance on this benefit or any other Veterans services you may be eligible for.