The Mills County Commission of Veterans Affairs currently offers two comprehensive programs for military veterans and their dependents. One program is administered by the Mills County Commission of VA and the other is administered by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs.


The Mills County Veterans Relief program is funded by the county, with oversight by a Commission made up of three local veterans. The purpose of the program is to assist eligible veterans with basic emergency needs as listed below.

  • Food and provisions
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Burial for indigent


The Mills County Veterans Affairs Services program provides assistance to eligible veterans, spouses and their dependents in applying for federal veterans affairs benefits. These include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Compensation for a service connected issue
  • Non-service connected pension
  • Death pension for surviving spouse and dependent children
  • Aid/attendance and housebound veterans
  • Application for veterans healthcare
  • Application for Iowa Veterans Home
  • Application for burial benefits or headstone
  • Military discharge, records, award, ribbons
  • Severely injured veterans leaving military
  • Educational benefits
  • Eligibility for home loans

Property Tax Exemption

In addition to the County Veterans Relief program there are real estate tax exemptions and credits for honorably discharged war veterans, or disabled veterans. See the Mills County Assessors office for applications and details.

  • Discharge papers (DD-214) will be needed when making application and
  • the application has to be made on or before July 1 of the claim year.

The property tax exemption of $1850.00 is off the assessed value of the home, if you served in a conflict or war era on active duty, Reserves or National Guard, and if under Title 10 U.S. code, federal duty for 90 days or the period of time ordered, and honorably discharged.


Other county officials who can help you with Veterans benefits or services are:

Jim Schoening Mills Co. Veterans Affairs Commission 525-1170
Paul Hathaway Mills Co. Veterans Affairs Commission 624-8872
Yolanda Hardesty Mills Co. Veterans Affairs Commission 624-8872
Jeanne Wilkins Mills Co. Veterans Affairs Commission 624-8872
Jess Cook Mills Co. Veterans Affairs Commission 624-8872
Richard Crouch Board of Supervisor Rep to VA Commission 527-4729
Lisa Tallman Mills County Recorder (Discharge) 527-9315
Jill Ford Mills County Treasurer (Prop Tax, License Plates) 527-4419
Sheri Bowen Mills County Public Health (Home Health Care) 527-9699
Christina Govig Mills County Assessor (Property tax exemptions) 527-4883




  • Be veteran of a war or conflict with an honorable discharge (DD-214) between the following dates of service:
    • WW I 4/16/1917 – 11/11/1918
    • Occupation of Germany 11/12/1918 – 7/11/1923
    • Siberia 11/12/1918 - 4/30/1920
    • Haitian Suppression 1919 -1920
    • WW II 12/7/1941 – 12/31/1946
    • Korea 6/25/1950 – 1/31/1955
    • Vietnam 2/28/1961 – 5/7/1975
    • Lebanon/Granada 8/24/1982 – 7/31/1984
    • Panama 12/20/1989 – 1/31/1990
    • Persian Gulf 8/2/1990 – No end date set
  • Reserve or National Guard member who completed or was activated for a period of ninety (90) days of federal service other than training
  • Former member of the Merchant Marines serving during WW II
  • Former member of the Women’s Air Force Pilots and other persons
  • Conferred as veterans based on WW II civilian duties
  • Be a widow or minor child of a wartime veteran, honorably discharged between the prior list of dates
  • Be a resident of Mills County
  • Meet certain income guidelines

Apply for any other benefits available:

  • West Central Development, utilities
  • DHS for Food Stamps, Mills County Storehouse
  • Iowa Workforce Development
  • Social Security Administration
  • Salvation Army
  • American Red Cross
  • Interfaith Response
  • Department of Veterans Affairs