Mills County Local Board of Review

Mills County's Local Board of Review consists of five members of the community. The members are appointed by the Mills County Conference Board to serve six-year terms. The board reviews all timely protests submitted for the current assessment year. During the regular session of the board, timely protests must be filed with the Assessor's office between April 2nd - 30th. The board meets on the first weekday of May to establish the organization of the board and the scheduling of protests. 

2021 Local Board of Review Members:

Mike Stewart - Chairman 

              Occupation: Businessman              

Mike Bowden - Vice Chairman

              Occupation: Construction          

Pam Sargent - Clerk

              Occupation: Active Farmer               

Richard Roenfeld - Member

              Occupation: Businessman               

Deanne Buffington - Member

              Occupation: Real Estate Manager   

Local Board of Review Petitions

All Board of Review minutes from older sessions are archived in the Assessor's office and available for public viewing at request. 

The Board of Review is independent of the Assessor's office. They meet in May for their regular session and in October for an equalization session if required. The board addresses only those protests that have been filed appropriately and timely according to state law.