Engineer / Secondary Roads

Mills County Roads LogoEngineer's Office Responsibilities

The engineer's office is responsible for general supervision of construction, maintenance (including snow removal), and repair of highways and bridges of the county.

License to Practice

No one is eligible for this office who does not hold a license to practice civil engineering in the State of Iowa with a license issued by the Iowa State Board of Engineering Examiners.

Secondary Roads Responsibilities

Some of the responsibilities of the Secondary Roads department are:

  • Surveys and plans all road work, tiling, culvert, and bridge construction and to certify that such improvements have been made in accordance with the plans and specifications provided for the work.
  • Inspects the construction of all roads and bridgework to see that all contracts are executed in accordance with the terms thereof and according to specifications of the Iowa Department of Transportation.
  • Certifies to County Auditor, payroll for road work.
  • Approves bills drawn on road fund.
  • Reports to the Board of Supervisors all plans and specifications of road, bridge, and culvert work.
  • Reports annually to county and state all expenditures on road funds.
  • Supervises all work done for improvements of the county road system.